High-quality pearls

Jewelry Salon Kikuya also has an array of high-quality pearls.

Aurora Hanadama are pearls graded as excellent in all categories of flaws, shape, maki (thickness of pearl layers), and teri (brightness and color of light interference on a pearl), and Aurora Tennyo is the special name given to those that have particularly beautiful teri.

They must be rated with a score of 90 or above out of a perfect score of 100 using a rigorous examination from the Pearl Science Laboratory.

Aurora Lagoon are black pearls with a green hue that are of the highest quality. They are said to be especially rare and are the finest products.

They have very few of the flaws often found on black pearls. Moreover, the name is only applied to black pearls with a green hue with top scores in all the quality assessment standards for pearls (shape, maki, and teri).